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World Religion


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Time period/Founding date: Jesus was born 6-4 BC, the Gospels were written 65-96, and in 394 Emperor Theodosius claimed Christianity to be the official religion for the Roman Empire.


Location where religion began: Jesus resided in the Roman province of Palestine (this was where he lived his life), so I’d believe it’s safe to say that this was where Christianity first began.


Major prophets/figures:




Major books of the religion/literature associated with it: The major book of Christianity is the Bible (which is made up of the Old Testament).


Four doctrines/beliefs/practices and their explanations:


        Cross – The Cross was the method of execution used by the Romans, during the time of Jesus. Now it is Jesus’ symbol: a symbol for resurrection and suffering.

        Lent – Considered a remembrance period of the time that lead up to Christ’s death.

        Easter – Considered a commemoration of Jesus’ revisit to life, after death.

        Christmas – A celebration of Jesus’ birth, on December 25th.